Product Photography FAQs

Your product is on the global stage. We make it look good.

Please be aware that products are photographed “as-is.” Be sure to double-check that product is free from scratches/smudges/fingerprints, labels are printed correctly and aligned, and everything is 100% photo-ready. Photos are delivered as .jpg on white or .png with background removed.

There is typically no fee for background removal, except in cases where product is intricate or complex. Send a cell phone picture of products for more accurate quotes.

How do you handle product delivery and return?

You may deliver to and retrieve your product from our home studio in south-east Aurora near Southlands Mall off of E-470 and Smoky Hill.


You may mail your product to us directly. Please provide a prepaid return shipping label if you wish for your product to be returned.

Products will be returned once final image selections are made and payment is received in full.

When do I get my photos?

Final images are typically delivered within ten business days from initial receipt. Rush delivery options are available.

How may I use my photos?

You are granted full-resolution images with rights to use them for any and all purposes. ACT ONE Photography retains the right to use images for portfolio and social media.

How are my photos delivered?

You will receive an online gallery link with the ability to download all of your digital files as needed.

How do I book ACT ONE Photography?

A signed contract and non-refundable booking fee is required to begin work on your project. Everything is processed electronically. We will need the following information:

General details regarding product to be photographed
Dimensions of product
Number of products
Number of photos per product
Photo specifics (front, back, angled, etc.)
Project contact person(s) info

Product Photography Pricing

Base pricing for perfect white background product photos that fit the following specifications:

  • Products are 12" x 12" x 12" or smaller
  • Products do not have any highly reflective (metallic/glass) surfaces
  • Products do not have any transparent or translucent surfaces
$30 per image (minimum project fee $100)*

Contact us for a custom quote if you need a styled session or your product falls outside the listed parameters.

*plus applicable taxes